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  • What IS Swim Recruit? We are a coach-owned swimming service that specializes in the are of college recruiting and swim team consulting. Our consultants consist of both club coaches and former college swim coaches and recruiters, giving us the best and most experienced staff available!
  • Do you act as AGENTS? No. Per NCAA bylaws, it is against the rules to represent a student-athlete for the purpose of marketing his or her athletic ability or reputation in their particular sport. At SwimRecruit Services, we provide information to the student-athlete to educate them with the recruitment process, which in turns enables them to be able to find the schools that meet their criteria.
  • My child is not the best swimmer on the team, is it pretty much impossible for them to swim in college? Absolutely not! There are hundreds of programs and divisions that fit the academic and athletic needs of every student-athlete. While EVERYONE can’t swim at NCAA top 20 programs, there are MANY swimmers that participate on smaller and lesser-known programs. We have worked with swimmers who couldn’t even walk-on at larger NCAA school, only to find a smaller program and be that team’s fastest swimmer! Our experience at SwimRecruit Services will assist you in locating those type of programs!
  • Will I be guaranteed a college scholarship? The NCAA prohibits anyone, including coaches, to guarantee athletic scholarships. SwimRecruit Services IS able, however, to provide information to the student-athlete to which programs DO offer scholarships in swimming.
  • When should I start the recruiting process? According to NCAA rules, a student-athlete becomes a “prospect” when they start classes in the 9th grade. College coaches are free to track swimmers from this time on, but most don’t really start to pay attention to recruits until their junior year of school. The main focus of the first 2 years of high school is definitely academics, and SwimRecruit Services can assist the student-athlete in the area of academic preparation as they approach the real “recruiting years”